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Lyric Opera Singers
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Lyric Opera Singers!
with our very own vocal scholarship winners of 2016!

Friday, May 20, 7:30 pm
at IVY Tech auditorium
 3100 Ivy Tech Dr,
Valparaiso, Indiana


Corrine Wallace-Crane, Mezzo-Soprano
Cameo Humes, Tenor
Robert Morrissey, Baritone
Christine Steyer, Soprano

Expect the finest evening of your life!

The Lyric Opera Singers are the chosen ambassadors for Chicago's renown Lyric Opera, representing the best in operatic singing and presentation.  For the people who can't get enough of the greatness and quality that the Lyric offers, and for those who just can't make it into the big city, these four magnificent voices tease the palette and are coming to Valparaiso as our last performance of our 2015-2016 season.

Our season's Vocal Scholarship winners will also be presented during this concert.  Two local, music-driven, wonderfully-voiced and talented young ladies from Porter County will walk on stage to receive awards that will enable them to continue with their lessons and musical needs.  They will perform for us, singing the selections that  won our hearts and our awards.  Their is also a strong rumor that they will join the Lyric Opera Singers for this night's entertainment.
We are so proud of our youth among us, those who work with their instruments and their voices to achieve the thrill of presentation and performance on live stages.  It is due to our subscribers and our sponsors that we can offer these scholarships.  We hope to do more as we continue to grow. 
Please consider a donation or sponsorship to the Concert Association of Valparaiso or to our Scholarship Program directly.  We have traditionally offered, in rotating order, Piano, Strings, and Vocal awards yearly.  We would really like to do more--with more.  Please think of us in our coming seasons.

We have presented the Winners!

So often, we take what's given us without much thought; we accept and take at face value the performers who walk across our stage, the people in the program, the names—familiar or not--of groups and individuals who could be from another universe.  We fail to recognize the hours and years of devotion that it took to refine their talents, the courage to present it all before a few hundred of unimpassioned faces in the audience.

They are Winners! --these few who grace that platform under hot, glaring lights, they are anxious in the knowledge that during these few minutes they will present what they have learned and labored to perfect, given only this one chance to be at the top of their skill.

Last season we gave you Home Grown, the talented who live and work among us, and this season we give you the Winners.

  We will continue to include "Home Grown" local talent, as well as invited, professional performers, in our future seasons, because we just have so much here to be proud of.  But, often, such exceptional individuals and groups escape from us to the appreciative audiences in big cities.

We hope you enjoyed this season of performances.  Please join us next year--and bring your friends!

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