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72nd year for the 

Concert Association of Valparaiso

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our 2016-2017 Season
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CAV Season 2016-2017

November 17th, Thursday, 7:30 pm -- IVY Tech auditorium
(east side of Valparaiso, east of Hwy 49, NE of airport, come in from Hwy 2)
-- a showing of --

The Black Pirate with the Forza Quartet

In November! In Valpo! At IVY Tech!
the Forza String Quartet!
in an extraordinary performance of the silent film live accompaniment
meant to be performed in every movie house showing of
The Black Pirate
a duotone ("Technicolor" in 1926) swashbuckler
Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.), Billie Dove, Donald Crisp, Sam DeGrasse

Performed in conjunction with the showing of the entire film
on stage in the IVY Tech auditorium
Thursday evening, November 17th, 7:30 pm
IVY Tech, 3100 IVY Tech Drive, Valparaiso, Indiana

Why so many venues?  so many locations?  Moving, moving, moving.
The nature of our 2016-2017 season depends on quality instruments, ballrooms, and theater.
Our first concert needs a superlative piano and quiet setting.  The 1st Methodist Church in Valparaiso was given
the King (or maybe Queen) of pianos some years ago -- a Bosendorfer.  And this concert requires such an instrument.  The accomplished talents of Elise Lawrence and Joshua DeVries deserve this setting.  Piano and Cello.  In the quiet comfort of soft seats and subdued sound, you will experience the astounding sensation of the finest piano in the world under the talented fingers of Elise with the rising talent and resonance of the equally endowed Joshua.  You will agree this could not be performed in any other chamber.

The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performs music designed for the cathedrals of Europe -- great stone and stained glass monuments to God where the voices echo and re-echo, suggestively forever.  And that is one reason this concert will be in the marvelous Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University.  (But perhaps the major reason is that this is a joint concert for the University as well as our Concert Association where we will be joining the students and faculty of one of our most prestigious universities in a cathedral setting.)

Two of our concerts -- The Forza Quartet and the popular and stirring Ball State Singers will perform at our new haunts in the modern IVY Tech auditorium.  The stage is the only place for the dance and voices of college youth, and for the viewing of one of the first silent Technicolor (Duotone) box office hits with its original accompanying score performed by our own local Forza Quartet.  None of us alive today can understand the stirring emotions our great grandmothers and great grandfathers felt in those days until we see Douglas Fairbanks and Billie Dove at their peak of popularity.

But maybe the biggest sensation will be the Big Band Style of Jazz in the only setting that provides the full enjoyment of that music, that era -- a ballroom made for dancing as well as listening.  This is a Big Band, 1940s style, 20-30 instrumentalists reminiscent of the War years and the energy of young people so anxious to dance.

We have presented Winners!

So often, we take what's given us without much thought; we accept and take at face value the performers who walk across our stage, the people in the program, the names—familiar or not--of groups and individuals who could be from another universe.  We fail to recognize the hours and years of devotion that it took to refine their talents, the courage to present it all before a few hundred of unimpassioned faces in the audience.

They are Winners! --these few who grace that platform under hot, glaring lights, they are anxious in the knowledge that during these few minutes they will present what they have learned and labored to perfect, given only this one chance to be at the top of their skill.

In our last two seasons we gave you Home Grown, the talented who live and work among us, and this season we give you the Winners.

  We will continue to include "Home Grown" local talent, as well as invited, professional performers, in our future seasons, because we just have so much here to be proud of.  But, often, such exceptional individuals and groups escape from us to the appreciative audiences in big cities.

We hope you enjoyed this season of performances.  Please join us next year--and bring your friends!

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Our concerts are at ...

Sun    09/18  3:00 pm          Lawrence & DeVries                               *piano & cello, classical

Thu    11/17   7:30 pm          Forza Quartet -- The Black Pirate          ****string ensemble

Mon    02/06  7:30 pm          Estonian Choir                                         ***visiting choir from Estonia

Fri       03/24  7:30 pm          Ball State Singers                                    ****university show choir

Thu     04/27  7:30 pm          VU Jazz Ensemble cabaret                  *****jazz ensemble (Big Band / ballroom style)

* 1st United Methodist Church, Valparaiso

*** Valparaiso University, Chapel of the Resurrection

**** IVY Tech auditorium, Valparaiso

***** Valparaiso University, Harre Union Ballroom

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