Concert Association of Valparaiso HISTORY 9/28/00

By Allan Parker, Pres., VCCA 2000


On November 22, 1944, the Valparaiso Community Concert Association was formed. The executive committee consisted of the following members


Dr Paul A. Cushman (McGill Manufacturing Co.)

Vice President

Charles McGill (McGill Manufacturing Co.)

Vice President

Dean Theodore Hoelty ľNickel, Valparaiso University


Mrs. A. R. Putnam


Robert B. Wise (Postmaster)

General Chairman

 ( to be named )


Mrs. George Breyding


Dr. Paul A. Cushman


Mrs. A. R. Putnam

Ship Publicity to

Dr. Paul A. Cushman

Dinner Chairman

Mrs. A. C. Blaese

The other Charter Board members included:

Mrs. George L. Myers

Rev. Buel Horn

Mrs. Lorenzo Smith

J. W. Larrow

A. F. Scribner

Miss Henrietta Donzine

Mrs. Anna Morony

G. W. Phillips

Father F. K. Guerro

Miss Phyllis Graebner



The initial campaign was held during the week of January 8, 1945, in the Hotel Lembke mezzanine. The initial Community Concert Service representative was Delmar J. Brent, who assisted during this campaign week. 671 memberships were sold, including 383 adult and 288 student; adult for $6.00, and student at $3.00. No money was honored after 8pm on Friday, January 12th. The Hotel Lembke was chosen as no fee would be assessed, as the concert artists would be staying there. The campaign kick off dinner was held on January 8th, presided over by Dr. Paul A. Cushman. Distinguished guests included Dr. Myron S. Schaeffer, noted musicologist and head of the Latin American division of Columbia concerts, and Mrs. O.P. Kretzman, wife of the president of Valparaiso University.

" A Blind Faith" method was employed, as no concerts were contracted until the Membership Drive was complete. The three concerts, which cost a total of $2,100, were as follows:

Todd Duncan, baritone -- fresh from a role in Porgy & Bess

Erinca Morina, violinist -- recently with the New York Philarmonic

Sascha Gorodnitzki -- Russian born pianist

The concerts were held in the Valparaiso University auditorium.

During the previous years many varied concerts have been enjoyed including the Vienna Boys Choir, the Indianapolis Symphony Orch., William Warfield, the Roger Wagner Chorale, the Dallas Symphony, the Prague Camber Orch., the Robert Shaw Chorale, Goldovsky Opera (Carmen & LaBoheme), and the Obernkirchen Children's Choir, and many other professional performers.

The campaign week for the Second Season (1945-1946) of the VCCA was from October 29 -- November 2 inclusive. A total of 743 memberships were sold, 400 adult and 343 student. Again, as was the case in the initial year, the concerts were not secured until after the campaign, although three concerts were guaranteed.