The Sustaining Fund
What is it?

In order to accomplish our goals the Sustaining Fund was initiated to offset the rising presentation costs of outstanding concerts and to provide a scholarship award to youth in the community for exemplary excellence in musical skills. 

There are seven levels of contribution:

Patron* $25 - $49
Sponsor $50 - $99
Donor $100 - $249
Sustainer $250 - $499
Guarantor $500 - $999
Benefactor $1,000 - $1,499
Celebrity Circle $1,500 and above

*available only to individuals





Sustaining Fund Contributors  

for 2016-2017

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the following Sustainers for their generous support.  These and past contributions have enabled the Concert Association of Valparaiso to provide the very best in quality entertainment to our Porter County citizens at very affordable prices.  We have also been able to use a part of this fund for music scholarships for our talented youth and to provide opportunities for our high school music groups to attend workshops with renown, experienced musicians.  The ticket prices alone could never accomplish this -- without our sustaining fund there would be no association of community concerts in Valparaiso.

Once, again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  The community thanks you, our senior citizens thank you, and, most of all, our aspiring youth thank you.  We are so proud and grateful to have your support!

Celebrity Circle ($1,500 and above)

John W. Anderson Foundation
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.


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Benefactor ($1,000 - $1,499)




Guarantor ($500 -- $999)

Ray and Nancy Kickbush

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Sustainers ($250 - $499)


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Donors ($100 - $249)

Janice Axmann in memory of George Axmann

Boy-Conn Printers, Gary & Susan Connors

Carol Bertrand in memory of Dr. Robert Bertrand

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Izynski

Tim & Elaine Cole

Terry and June Hand

Duane & Karen Hartman

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Sponsors ($50 - $99)

Marshall A. Caban

Janice Reichard in memory of William Reichard

Cuthbert & Patricia Scott

Tri-Kappa, Alpha Chapter


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Patrons ($25 - $49)  

Art & Marlene Bartholomew

Dr. Joseph Bognar

Ray & Lila Cohen

Patricia Ann Damato

William & Karen Higbie family

Dan & Sharon Keilman

Joyce Phipps-Nutt

Jonathan & Virginia Oram

Dan & Marilyn Owens

Maxine Phillips

Tom & Jane Smith

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